Mission & 17th

Take a drive through 17 & Mission


17th Ave

17th Avenue was nicknamed the “Red Mile” because of the Calgary Flames’s 2004 playoff run and hopefully the 2019 playoff run:) The Calgary Flames fans would drape themselves in Flames jerseys or at least red clothing in a so called sea of red in support of their beloved team. During the fight for the Stanley cup, thousands of fans (around 80000) would converge in the streets and inside bars and pubs on game night. Calgary gained international attention for the Mardi-Gras like madness. There was a Flames goal against the Tampa Bay Lighting was disallowed, which would have been the game and Stanley Cup winning goal. Robbery I tell you 🙂 Where was video replay then?

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The Mission district originated as a French Canadian Catholic mission called Notre Dame de la Paix. It was in 1899 incorporated for some time as the Village of Rouleauville, named after Charles Rouleau.There was apparently an attempt to ensure a strong French speaking Catholic community in the area, however in 1907 the village was annexed by the city. The French street names were mostly replaced by Calgary’s very convenient street numbering system. You can find a memorial to the old area called the Rouleauville Square which is next to the incredible, nearly 5 star French restaurant Le Chaumiere. Behind the memorial on 18th Ave you will find one of Calgary’s oldest and most beautiful churches called the St. Mary’s Cathedral. Next door you will find the home of the ever popular Alberta Ballet and one block away is Calgary’s oldest High school that was founded by Father Albert Lacombe in 1885, although the original 2 storey log cabin school has luckily been rebuilt and renovated several times over the past 130+ years.

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