What do I do?

Real Estate is so exciting and rewarding as a realtor and as an investor. I have always been fascinated by where people decide to call home. From little condos, to townhomes, houses and luxury homes, they all have their pros and cons. It is my job to listen to what is important to my clients and then help them find the best possible match within their budget. Opportunities are everywhere for those want a turn key home or those who want to build some sweat equity. I have always had an ability to find properties that have potential. Whether the properties just need a little paint, a complete remodel or would be better off being torn down with new development on the land. I have experience and vision to help paint a picture of what a property or lot could become. I am here to help on every level, as buying and selling is often the largest and most stressful event of people’s lives. Sometimes all people need is someone who listens and I try to be there to help.

Who do I do it for?

I have helped many clients take their first step into the real estate market. This is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences I can share with my clients. It is not one that I take lightly. I also recommend that some clients not buy, but instead wait for a better time, or a better property. I am not the kind of agent who tries to rush people into purchasing. Many past clients have looked at properties throughout Calgary and the surrounding areas over a span of months, or sometimes casually over years. While those can be difficult, I have developed strong and trusting relationships because of the t no pressure approach. It is about finding the best fit. When it comes to selling, it is a team effort. The work for selling properties happens well before the first meeting begins. It is imperative that we have as much information as possible to try to determine a fair asking price that can actually attract offers. Together, we work hard to prepare the properties for sale so they look as good as possible, prior to photos and putting the home on the market. Professional photography, measurements and marketing are key to ensure the property is seen by as many people as possible.

I will try to find out what my client’s needs or goals are and use my tenacity, vision and experience to help my clients find the best fit within whatever their budget might be. Whether my clients are looking for a small little condo or a multi-million dollar home or investment, I work hard to help all of my clients reach their goals. It is not about me when helping people. I want to develop relationships built on trust, as there is nothing more flattering than having clients call me to help them again or recommended me to their family and friends.

How do I create value?

I work hard to find my buyers the best possible property, at the best possible price and for terms that can work and keep a deal from falling apart. I pride myself on being able to find a happy medium that can work for both buyers and sellers. On countless occasions, I have managed to keep or resurrect a deal that was teetering on the edge of falling apart. I thrive on the psychology of real estate, as so much of the job is emotion based. Once we receive an offer, I use my 15 years of experience in negotiations to achieve the best possible price, terms and conditions in the offers for my clients. Experience counts and helps put many deals together that might not be possible otherwise. Some negotiations happen in minutes and others take days or even weeks. No deal is ever the same, which is what makes being a Real Estate agent so exciting and challenging.

What businesses outside of real estate do I admire?

Stirling has a passion for sports and the arts. Putting together a team that works together to bring out the strengths of different players is an art in itself. Teams often do not work just because the owners, coaches or managers put the best players on a team together, There needs to be a team which works together, as well as complimenting the skills that the other players have. Real estate is no different, as there are countless aspects to selling properties, which calls for the skills of photographers, videographers, website specialists, marketing companies, printers, administrative assistants, lawyers, home inspectors and countless other great professionals.

About Me.

Growing up in a tiny house in the now popular community of West Hillhurst. At the time, the neighbourhood was full of small bungalows and a few newer infills that were starting to be developed. Stirling grew up with two brothers and a single mom. His modest (very) upbringings, forced him to learn to work hard to earn his own money. By mowing lawns, shovelling sidewalks, delivering flyers, Stirling learned how to help pay for many of the essentials that his friends two parent homes were able to provide for without part time jobs for the kids. Many of the school and sports that I was able to play, required additional fundraising by selling more raffle tickets, chocolate bars, collecting more pop bottles than any other kid in my single kid and often more than the entire team or class combined.
I have helped many fantastic people over the years with their buying and selling of Real Estate. Some of my clients are just looking to buy their first place and others are seasoned investors who I have worked hand in hand with to develop their Real Estate portfolio’s. Many investors have moved on to become extremely successful and I have been proud to help them achieve some of their real estate goals. I have helped clients looking to downsize, or even help some families through the most difficult times while parents become ill, or move into assisted living facilities. Each client is different and has their own needs. It is my job to determine the needs of my clients and then ask how they would like me to help.

For over 15 years, I have been driven by a fire to help the lives of my clients through smart, informed investments based on their needs. Real Estate is my teams passion and Calgary is full of opportunities to achieve our goals together. Helping our clients achieve their individual Real Estate goals and dreams is the most exciting and satisfying part of our job.


Do you love where you live, or the home you live in? Buying your first property may have been exciting, but people change and so does the style, size or location of your home. New pet dog require a closer proximity to the dog park? Did you just have triplets and now you need to double your current living space and build a new jungle gym in your new backyard, not to mention that you hardly get together with your friends from college anymore. Perhaps it’s time for a move. We’ve been there. We have loads of kids and pets, plus life is too short not to have parks and friends nearby. Do you love where you live? We can help you can love your home and community again!

Hard work has won Stirling several awards over the years